Nevis – Queen of the Caribbean

Nestled in the arc of islands between North and South America lies a tiny, unobtrusive island that isn’t mentioned on most maps. The island is Nevis, a natural, unspoiled paradise approximately 7 miles long and 5 miles wide and lies about 200 miles south of Puerto Rico. It is a place where time inches along more slowly than the rest of the world and the enchanting combination of lush hills and white, sandy beaches create a tranquil haven that won’t soon be forgotten.

The Island
The island’s first inhabitants were Indians. Indigenous to South America, the Sibonay, Arawaks and eventually the Caribs, all inhabited Nevis at different times, leaving behind more than two dozen archaeological sites scattered with stone tools and colored pottery. However, it wasn’t until 1493 that news of the serene island leaked to the western world, after Christopher Columbus spotted it while anchoring close by. He mistakenly nicknamed the island ‘Nieves’, the Spanish word for snow, after seeing the island’s dramatic 3,232 foot peak heavily shrouded with clouds.

Nevis was officially settled by the British in 1628. The island quickly became renowned for its sugar production and earned the nickname ‘The Queen of the Caribees’, a name which still stands today. The island became so wealthy as a sugar colony that over the next hundred years the British, Dutch, French and Spanish staged various attacks to secure ownership of the island. Today, traditional agricultural industries have made way for tourism as the primary industry. This has been a fitting transition since the island, now independent with sister island St.Kitts, has so much to offer.

Nevis is the perfect setting for honeymooners. The island’s rainforests are lush with unique flora and fauna, indigenous birds and hiking trails which are perfect for nature lovers. Couples who prefer a slower pace can indulge at one of the island’s many beaches, which are also excellent for snorkeling and scuba diving around wrecks and natural reefs. From the enchanting ruins of the plantation era, charming plantation inns and stately 17th century churches to the colorful natural reefs and breathtaking beaches, Nevis is the perfect unspoilt paradise where love-drunk newlyweds can get lost in discovering the island and each other.

For more information about Nevis visit the Nevis Tourism Authority